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Man, there is nothing better for me when my two of my passions collide. If you don’t know, I play drums. It’s been something I’ve absolutely loved for roughly 15 years. Like photography, nothing feels more natural than when I’m behind a drum set.

One of the beautiful things about playing drums is you meet other musicians. I’ve had the tremendous honor to play with these fine people named Lynette & Mike. They have an EP coming out soon. When they asked me if I could take some photos of them I got super excited! I know those guys so working with them in my other world should be a blast! And it was! We went down to Old Town Alexandria, VA for a few hours and snapped these. Lemme tell you. Not only are these guys phenomenal musicians but they’re naturals in front of a camera! Makes my job easy.

I can’t post this without giving a shoutout to the one and only Hannah of Piccadilly Creative. Her creative vision was evident and not only that it was a blast working with her. She has such a sweet soul and is so easy to be around! Thanks Hannah!

I hope you enjoy these! Check out their music when it drops later this summer! Check them out. The Harbor Worship.


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