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Before I was a photographer, I was in culinary school. I wanted to be a chef. I loved cooking. I still love cooking. Obviously, I changed career paths and went into photography. I love photography! I’m so fortunate to do what I do. Then, recently, a friend of mine launched a company that was focused on getting affordable, healthy food options to…well…everybody. There were other options out there but they just didn’t quite do it right. He not only wanted to put healthy food into peoples mouths, he wanted to help people learn WHY they needed to eat the food they were enjoying. Enter me. I got the wonderful opportunity to help him as he launched his idea and take some photos of food! Food! I loved this! Both of my words colliding together! This was so great. What follows here are a series of some of my favorites. Please. If you live in Washington, DC, check out Sooma. They have wonderful options (the carnitas tacos are my personal favorite). Make tonight a Sooma night!


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