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When I got a message from Nathan that he wanted to surprise his fiancé, Monica, with an engagement shoot in Paris, I could not have been happier! I had just been to Paris for the first time a month before and was eager to find my way back to this gorgeous, well documented place. The tropes of Paris being romantic are true. Yes, it’s filled with tourists and lots of people. But when every corner you turn is a postcard, it’s hard not to be inspired by this wonderful city. We were fortunate to find ourselves in a beautiful, crisp, November evening, about an hour or so before sunset. We made some images at the Jardins Royal Palais, the Musee du Louvre, and wrapped things up at the iconic Eiffel Tower. I even had a chance to grab a drink with these guys before I hopped back on my bullet train to The Hague. 3 hours later and I’m back in a different country. What time to be alive 😉

Thanks to this wonderful couple for having me along to share in their epic experience of France. Much love to you both! Cheers!


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