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Sometimes it seems like the world is against you and it doesn’t want you to schedule an engagement shoot. Well by golly, I won’t let that stop me! Once I got together with Sarah & Ben I could tell it was going to be a fun, laid back time. And it was. These high school sweethearts we so relaxed it was like they spend their days in front of cameras! We walked around Georgetown last Sunday evening. The light was almost too perfect. They changed clothes in an alley (Ben said “Where theres a will, theres a way.” In other words, when there are no public restrooms around). I loved their personality. One of the great things about being a photographer in Washington, DC is all the different types of people you meet from ALL over the world and from ALL walks of life. So cool. I hope you enjoy these two as much as I did. #FallIsAlmostHere


Man, there is nothing better for me when my two of my passions collide. If you don’t know, I play drums. It’s been something I’ve absolutely loved for roughly 15 years. Like photography, nothing feels more natural than when I’m behind a drum set.

One of the beautiful things about playing drums is you meet other musicians. I’ve had the tremendous honor to play with these fine people named Lynette & Mike. They have an EP coming out soon. When they asked me if I could take some photos of them I got super excited! I know those guys so working with them in my other world should be a blast! And it was! We went down to Old Town Alexandria, VA for a few hours and snapped these. Lemme tell you. Not only are these guys phenomenal musicians but they’re naturals in front of a camera! Makes my job easy.

I can’t post this without giving a shoutout to the one and only Hannah of Piccadilly Creative. Her creative vision was evident and not only that it was a blast working with her. She has such a sweet soul and is so easy to be around! Thanks Hannah!

I hope you enjoy these! Check out their music when it drops later this summer! Check them out. The Harbor Worship.


Lizzie & Brian. Wow. I know this term is overused but these two are EPIC. So funny. So nice. And so, so, so in love. It made my job easy and, most of all, fun! The wedding was in Virginia on a slightly overcast day with a teensy-weensy bit of rain during the ceremony. That didn’t slow anyone down. What followed was a day of lots of laughs, just a few tears, and lots of talk about superheroes. It was great! Enjoy this peek into Lizzie & Brian’s big day!


So I had this idea of having the couple stand next to each other with their eyes closed for the first look. I like the way it turned out :).


How about those tie bars? X-Men, Flash, Captain America, Batman, Superman, and Spiderman! Having just seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron (nerd alert), I was loving this!


Group shots are fun!


What a day. Thank you SO much Lizzie & Brian for having me along. It’s so great to see two people so in love. I’m honored to have been a part of it!