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I love when my old home meets my new home. Ashley & Kyle are both from the midwest. Ashley hails from Ohio (me too!) and Kyle is from Iowa. We all know that the Midwest is God’s gift to the planet earth. Anyways, these guys are so nice and we had a blast at the United States National Arboretum. That place is huge, by the way! If you haven’t explored it before now is the time! The leaves are gorgeous right now. Check it out! In the mean time, I hope you enjoy these photos. Congrats guys and GO BUCKEYES!



I don’t know if I’ve met nicer people. They just…CARE. Even for their cats! Instead of the typical wedding party favors they donated to the local animal shelter to help care for cats and dogs! So cool! And I’ve gotta say, they had a very elegant DC wedding. Old DC mansions and all! They got ready at the ever classic Fairfax Hotel in DC and got married at the Woodrow Wilson house. The WWH is stunning and couldn’t have made a better backdrop for these guys.

I met Erica a LONG time ago. In the dead of winter. I think it was 10 degrees out the day we met at Vapianos. Not this day. 70 and just the right amount of sun. Anyways, I love these guys and am SO glad I got to meet them. People like these guys make my job the best in the world. Enjoy and don’t forget to share!


These guys had such a beautiful wedding at the Woodrow Wilson House in DC. I’m kind of a big fan of outdoor weddings at old DC mansions.