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Carla is from Peru. Juan is from Minnesota. These guys are such a great DC love story. Only in the nations capital do you see wonderful couples like these two come together from different ends of the world. It’s one of the many things I love about shooting here! These two are so nice and I can’t wait for their December wedding. Yep, you read that right. A DECEMBER wedding in DC! I love it! This never happens once every couple of years. They’re getting married at Roofers Union in NW DC. It’s such a cool venue! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them!

P.S. Shout out to my old neighborhood. Big fan of Meridian Hill Park. It’s a great location to photograph an engagement session or even a wedding! Let me know if you’re thinking about either! Cheers and happy fall!


Compassionate. Smart. Funny. Caring. Motivated. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think about these two. I had so much fun with these guys and I consider it an honor to know them! I kind of wish I had stuffed myself in their suitcases for their honeymoon as well (they went to Chile!). So fun. Thanks for having me spend the day with you both!

I’d also like to give a shout out to Matt from Prismatic Photography for 2nd shooting with me!


Sometimes you just gotta getaway. That’s what my wife and I did this past weekend. Our good friend joined us and we re-lived our New York days from last summer. I love NYC and all that comes with it. Except for walking on the sidewalk. When you’re 6’3″ and 265 lbs you tend to run into people. A lot. And I don’t even try to. It just happens. Ah well. A small price to pay I suppose! I must say I quite enjoyed the 40-50 degree F weather! It was windy and cool and felt like fall. I loved it! Anyways, I hope you enjoy these!

What’s your favorite spot in NYC? Brooklyn? Manhattan? Queens?