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One of the perks of my job is that I get to meet a LOT of amazing people. Lauren & Dave were no exception. They’re kindness and generosity was only matched by their clear love for one another. They’re the type of people asking how YOU’RE doing on THEIR wedding day 🙂  The wedding was held at one of my favorite venues here in Washington, DC…The Josephine Butler Parks Center. It’s this big, beautiful, yellow mansion up on a hill across from the street from another DC institution, Meridian Hill Park. This also happened to be the 3rd wedding of 2016 I shot that rained. Not one of them was phased by the precipitation and this one was no different. We went out, umbrellas in hand, and took photos in the park. It was really a lovely day. The day was capped off by watching these two wonderful, unassuming people come together and absolutely lose their minds on the dance floor! The dancing was epic! They truly celebrated what was a pretty rad day 🙂

Lauren & Dave, thank you for having me along on your special day. You two are wonderful human beings whom I believe will only make the world a better place. Thanks for sharing your love with us all. Congratulations to you both. Cheers!


Meet Tito. Well, this is the back of his neck. On his neck is a collar. On that collar is a tag. That tag reads “Will You Marry Me?” This is how Joe proposed to Maresa. Heck! I’d marry the guy! What a winner! Right? Anyways, Maresa & Joe were awesome and Tito was pretty rad 😉

We decided to capture some photos of them down by the Tidal Basin during the weekend the Cherry Blossoms bloomed. There were tourists. Lot’s of them. There was also a good time had by us! I’m glad I got to meet these wonderful people (and dog). I hope you enjoy these photos of this awesome couple! Cheers guys!






Well, 2016 is here! February has had some great moments already! The weather though…I mean 62 degrees in February? Normally I love winter but for this engagement session I was all about the warm weather! Sloane and Colin asked me if we could get some shots of them with their beautiful pit bull mix dogs, Carrie and MJ. Of course, I was happy to oblige because dogs! Afterwards we went down to Old Town Alexandria and took some beautiful shots in the beautiful, golden February sunlight! It was amazing! Also, check out Colin’s bowtie and pocket square. On point my man! I hope you enjoy these and stay tuned for more 2016 goodness! Cheers!